Fall Plumbing Maintenance Tips

Check Your Sump Pump

 Hurricane season might not be over, and heavy rains may still strike so make sure your sump pump is working appropriately. Check your pump if it’s plugged in and its drain is clear of debris. Also, test your pump by slowly pouring water into the sump pit and confirming that the pump kicks on and the water drains. 

Inspect Plumbing in Your Bathrooms

 If you’re expecting guests in your home this coming fall and winter holidays, make sure that your bathrooms are in good working shape. Ensure your sinks and pipes are not clogged and are draining smoothly. Inspect for leaks under your sink or your toilet‘s water connection. Keep a handy dandy plunger in your guest bathroom in case your toilet backups.

Maintenance for Your Water Heater

 Check for any leaks or cuts in your water heater‘s tank. Always have your hot water heater serviced each year by a professional plumbing technician. If you haven’t had your water heater serviced yet, it is a perfect idea to schedule it now. Your water heater works harder during the winter so give it a lot of care and love these coming cooler months.

Learn How to Shut Off Your Water

 If you are planning to travel or be away from your home for a week or longer, you should learn how to turn your water off at the main water valve. It’s one of the most important plumbing tips to follow. It will help avoid and prevent any flooding surprises in your home while you’re gone. Shut off the valve and then turn on all the faucets in your home to drain the water from the pipes. 

Remove Drain and Store Garden Hoses

 If you want your garden hose to last another year, it’s necessary that you properly stow it away. Disconnect the hose, drain the water and store it in a place that will not reach freezing point. Water that’s left inside the hose can freeze up resulting for the hose to break. 

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Turn Off Your Hose Bib

 Correctly turning off your hose bib and inside water supply line is one of the most critical duties that you’ll need to do this season. If you inspect any leaking hose bib this summer, we strongly advise that you invest in a frost-proof hose bib before the temperature drops. Properly shutting off your hose bib can prevent you from frozen pipes in the supply line which can cause pipes to burst.