About Us

 G Force Plumbing started as a small but powerful company in Covington, Georgia.  A strong reputation for a nothing-less-than-the-best mentality kept this business moving. 

Harry Gibbs,  graduated from Auburn University with an engineering degree. From there he worked for a large creditable firm in Atlanta drawing plumbing design. It didn’t take long for Harry to learn that he preferred to be in the field working with his hands and being around customers. 

G Force’s growth is not only attributed to quality standards, but also the relationships they have built since the beginning.

Harry’s son Jeremy followed his father’s guidance. Plumbing after school on weekends and on summer break, he was learning the trade at the early age of 13. Growing up in plumbing, he learned the skills of the trade. As a young protégé, he was taught to do it right the first time and never cut corners. Jeremy also learned the importance of being respectful of other’s needs and always using integrity when performing a task. 

When Jeremy was 18, he moved to Atlanta to work on his hobby of art. With plumbing in his back pocket, it wasn’t long until Jeremy became “the plumber” among a group of homeowners, home management companies and prosperous businesses.

Today G Force Plumbing consists of carefully selected individuals who build a professional team that strives to meet G Force Plumbing guidelines. Most of the G Force team members come from small, family-owned plumbing businesses where they started at a young age. This ensures that they are not only very familiar with the trade, but that they understand the value of strong morals.

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